Agara Thumbs Up NNL, Says League Boards Have A Lot To Achieve In Common

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Chairman of Nigeria's Nation-Wide league board, Honourable Silas Agara, has given a pat on the back to the Nigeria National League (NNL) after last week's relegation play off in Kano.

Agara who was in Kano and watched the last match of the NNL play off noted that there is a lot the various league boards can achieve in common.

The former deputy governor of Nasarawa State said he was impressed with what he saw in Kano, especially the level of officiating and the quality of play by the teams.


“I am impressed with what I saw here in Kano ,our league is getting better and moving forward there is a lot we can achieve in common. The various league boards will work together and it is in that spirit of togetherness that I decided to be in Kano to be part of the NNL relegation play off.”

Agara who also held the position of  Commissioner for Sports in Nasarawa state was equally delighted with the NNL choice to have the relegation play off hosted in Kano.

“It is also part of spreading the gospel of football nationwide. Kano is a huge place and the passion for the game here is overwhelming,” he noted.


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