Catfish Farming As Investment Option

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Investing in Catfish Farming is an opportunity to make extra money aside other engagements. Interested investor can do it as a part time farmer while he does other businesses the bring him or her more income.

It takes only four to five months for catfish to mature to a stage of selling for money, hence, an investor can revolve the production two or three times a year. As catfish can be enjoyed when fried, grilled or baked or use in pepper soup, then, investing in it will boost the revenue of the investor. Since investment in Catfish Farming can create jobs, tackle food insecurity and produce protein for the masses, embarking on it will create wealth for individuals.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP Weekend, an Ondo State-based farmer, Pastor Olatunji Adewale, explained the reason why going into farming is money-spinning one.


According to Olatunji, who is also a civil servant, using his spare time for catfish farming is fetching him additional income as catfish remains the main products for pepper soup, often offered in eateries and hotels.


Business Capital/Income

“As I am speaking with you right now, the current market price for 1kg of fish is N1,300. You can inject N100, 000 into the business and you can make up to N400,000 and N600, 500, every week, depending on quantity of the fish you are able to produce.

He urged farmers to avoid feeding the fishes with leftover food that contain salt because salty food can destroy them.



On his part, a lecturer and part time farmer based in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Dr Innocent Ihennacho Ogbonna, said: “ For commercial quantify, interested investor should select a suitable location.

“Choosing the right location is crucial for the success of your catfish farm to enable buyers have easy access to your farm. But one can start the farming inside his/her compound, using empty water tanks. The water tank will need to be fill with disposable water to give the fish fresh water at regular basis. And one can construct ponds, where the water can be replaced every time. The dish will need proper feeding for growth and you need to give them medicare.

“Although they can be fed with any food since they are friendly with any food, however, for speedy growth, one can buy special feeds for them. And to produce about 1000 juveniles, (8-10 weeks old)  about 67 bags of feed made up of 15kg per bag feed will be needed.

“Mind you that mature fish will stay alive for six years. And mature female will lay eggs of about 3,000 to 4,000 eggs per pound of bodyweight each year. Eggs are laid by mature females and fertilised by the males. Once fertilized, the eggs are taken to a hatchery. Catfish hatcheries are specifically designed to replicate a natural catfish environment.

He further explained the process which the fish can be nutured, saying that, after seven days, the eggs hatch and are moved to grow-out tanks in the hatchery. This level of maturity is called ‘sac fry.'


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