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DJ Gaba – Street Of Lagos Mix 8

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Nigerian disc jockey based in the UK, has once again set the music scene ablaze with the release of “Street Of Lagos Mixtape 8.” Following a long-awaited interval, this latest episode has garnered immense anticipation and excitement from fans and music enthusiasts. As 's latest creation promises to deliver an explosive sonic journey through the vibrant streets of Lagos, the mixtape has proven to be an instant hit, resonating with audiences worldwide.

“Street Of Lagos Mixtape 8” is a true testament to 's remarkable talent and exceptional artistry. Known for his ability to craft seamless musical journeys, he seamlessly weaves together an electrifying fusion of Nigerian street anthems, afrobeat rhythms, and infectious beats. The mixtape embodies the pulsating energy and dynamic spirit that defines the essence of Lagos, Nigeria's bustling and cultural epicenter.

True to its promise, “Street Of Lagos Mixtape 8” explodes with a medley of chart-toppers and underground hits, all carefully curated to ignite the dance floors. 's ability to curate a diverse yet cohesive blend of tracks ensures that the mixtape appeals to a wide range of music lovers. From established artists to emerging talents, the mixtape celebrates the rich and eclectic soundscape that Lagos offers.


Despite being based in the UK, has effortlessly retained his deep-rooted connection to his Nigerian roots. Through his mixtapes, he bridges the geographical divide, bringing the essence of Lagos to a global audience. The pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies have captivated listeners worldwide, affirming the global appeal of Nigerian music and culture.

“Street Of Lagos Mixtape 8” has not only garnered rave reviews but has also rekindled the spirit of the streets. As listeners immerse themselves in the infectious beats and catchy hooks, the mixtape serves as a sonic celebration of Lagos's vibrant street culture. The seamless transitions and expertly crafted sequences showcase 's passion for curating an unforgettable musical experience.

's “Street Of Lagos Mixtape 8” stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to music and his ability to capture the essence of Nigerian street culture. With his electrifying mixtape, he continues to cement his status as a leading Nigerian disc jockey based in the UK. As the mixtape continues to gain traction and delight music enthusiasts across the globe, 's masterful curation promises to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners.

– Street Of Lagos Mix 8 Tracklist and Highlights:

1. YVK – Reverse Yomhlaba
2. Butterfly Gang – Money
3. Jay0 – 22 Amapiano Remix
4. Mac Lopez – Hwiralang
5. Vinny06 – The Drum
6. – Charm Remix
7. Ft. Infinity – Yey
8. Uncle Waffles Ft. Justin9 – Yahyuppiyah
9. DJ Kush – KSNYM
10. DJ Yk – Sapiano
11. – Sunshine
12. Butterfly Gang – Money
13. DJ Spinall Ft. – Bunda
14. – Ex Convict
15. Ft. Major League & – Koo Koo Fun
16. Bad Boy Timz Ft. – I Salute
17. – Feel
18. Mr Eazi – No Condom
19. – Unavailable
20. Mr Eazi – Tear Chain
21. Caltonic – 442
22. – Sharpiru
23. Lojay – Moto (Amapiano Remix)
24. Johnny Drille – My Friend
25. – People
26. Musa Keys – Selema Remix
27. DJ Medna & Valvi – Analog
28. & – New Religion
29. DJ Kush & – Asiwaju Remix
30. Moonchild & Mr Eazi – Oh Yes
31. Felo Le Tee, Mellow – Midnight Prayer
32. Buju – Gwagwalada
33. Butterfly Gang – Money
34. & – Loaded
35. – Great Guy
36. Lil Frosh & – Like Dat
37. – A1 Feeling Disoder
38. – I Believe
39. – For The Gods
40. – Whats Up My G
41. – Hat Trick

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