Fintech Oyapaste Unveils Game-changing Money Transfer, Gifting Services

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In a groundbreaking move, Oyapaste, a cutting-edge Fintech company, is set to officially launch an innovative App called ‘Oyapaste' that will transform the way people transfer money and give gifts.

Oyapaste utilises the power of advanced Pastecodes technology, which enables users to send money instantly and securely through unique codes, streamlining the transaction process and making financial interactions more efficient.

The innovative approach addresses the challenges faced by individuals, gift-givers, and those who wish to support friends, family, or charitable causes.


Speaking ahead of the launch slated for July 10, 2024, the founders of Oyapaste App, Gabriel Jirbo and Aniekpong Effiong, expressed their excitement about the potential of Oyapaste to simplify everyday financial tasks.

Jirbo said, “Our goal is to make financial transactions more accessible, enjoyable, and community-oriented.

“What sets Oyapaste apart is its focus on gifting and donations, providing a personalized experience with customizable Pastecodes and encouraging social engagement. With Oyapaste, users can say goodbye to complex banking procedures and lengthy account numbers by creating a unique pastecode that allows users to share it and complete transactions instantly, making financial interactions more seamless and enjoyable.”

Co-Founder, Aniekpong Effiong, stated, “Oyapaste is not just another app in the growing Nigerian fintech scene. It's a revolutionary platform designed to transform financial transactions, but how people can handle their finances in a convenient, secure, and hassle-free solution for money transfers.”

On security measures put in place to protect users' financial data, Effiong said, “We have implemented advanced encryption and secure authentication methods to ensure that all user data and transactions are protected, and we will continue to comply with financial regulations and data protection laws to ensure that all operations meet the necessary regulatory requirements.”

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