I Can Unite PDP –Utaan

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An aspirant for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national chairman position, Engr. Conrad Utaan, has said he is focused on setting a new agenda in party administration adding that he can unify the factions that exist within the party's ranks.

He said his aspiration offers stability and a sense of sacrifice to bring together both founding and joining members of the PDP to enable it create a credible alternative for citizens, focused on delivering the true spirit that reflects the needs of Nigerians.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja on his aspiration to replace the former national chairman of the PDP, Utaan who hails from Benue State, said he has all it takes to rebrand the PDP to win over the numbers that can take the party back to power.


According to him, “I am focused on setting a new agenda in party administration and can be trusted to reunify the factions that currently exist within our ranks. I am focused on healing the many cracks that have broken the true essence of our political culture as a party and to win back the admiration of all Nigerians.”

Utaan further stated that “We are the Peoples Democratic Party, and like our name suggests, we must at all times recognise the expectations of our people and work to meet the same. We are the true party of the people.”

He declared that his “Aspiration to lead our great party at this critical time avails the PDP an opportunity to again, present a new direction to party administration in Nigeria. A novel idea I believe would chart the cause for a rebirth of not only the PDP but indeed the concept of what political parties should be within the context of evolving a paradigm shift in governance itself.”

He noted that the party has recycled former public officers at the helm of its affairs to the extent that it is running the risk of becoming a ‘former great party'.

“At this defining moment, our party requires new energy, new thinking and an entirely new face that members of our party can trust and all rally around to write a new chapter for our country,” Utaan said.

He further urged members of the party to unite behind a new face to win back what it has lost pursuing personal ambitions, stressing that he is a courageous young man with the strength of character and a genuine ambition to reposition the PDP.

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