I’m Ready To Address Challenges In Edo, Says ADC Candidate

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The Edo State governorship candidate of Action Alliance (AA), Prince Tom Iseghohi Okojie has promised to run an open door policy if elected in the forthcoming polls.
This is even as a grassroot mobiliser, Deaconess Mabel Onaiwu, has led over 60,000 of her followers to throw their weight behind Iseghohi Okojie's aspiration. The governorship election in Edo State is scheduled for September 21 this year.

Okojie, who spoke in Benin during the declaration of Deaconess Onaiwu and her followers for the PUP Culture and Action Alliance at the party's secretariat, promised to run a people-oriented government that will always put the masses first.

According to him, with leaders like Onaiwu by his side, he is more determined than ever to continue fighting for a better for Edo State, stressing that it will be a built on principles of inclusivity, transparency, and genuine progress for all.


His words: “I will not lie to Edo people. I will not cheat them or steal from them. When I am sworn in by November, I shall run a people-oriented government.

“I shall work for what my people want, I shall slave for what my people need, and I shall sacrifice for what will make Edo State become once again a shining example in Nigeria.
“Edo shall be an Eden state which other states would like to emulate and to become one day. From Benin we shall positively influence the governance of Edo People at all levels in the City, Local Government, Federal Constituencies, Senatorial Districts and the State Level.

“The challenges ahead may be daunting, but I am ready to face them head-on, armed with the knowledge that our collective vision for a better Edo State is within reach.
“With every step forward, we are driven by a sense of purpose—a purpose that transcends politics and speaks to the very heart of our shared humanity. Together, we will chart a course toward a defined not by division or discord, but by unity, progress, and prosperity for all.

“This is not just my journey—it is our journey, and I am honored to lead the way. Listening to Deaconess Onaiwu's speech fills me with a profound sense of validation and pride.
As I reflect on the long and challenging road that brought us to this moment, I can't help but feel grateful for the coalition we've built—the PUP Culture Movement and The Action Alliance Party. It's been a journey marked by obstacles and setbacks, but seeing leaders like Deconess Onaiwu recognize the potential of our platform reaffirms my belief that we're on the right path”.

Onaiwu's endorsement, he stressed, is not just a testament to “our credibility but also a validation of our commitment to genuine governance and service to the community”.

He added: “As I listen to Deaconess Onaiwu speak of her principled stance and decades-long dedication to the people of Edo, I'm filled with admiration and gratitude. Her decision to join our movement despite initial reservations speaks volumes about the strength of our ideology and the promise of our vision”.

On her part, Onaiwu pointed out that what sets Prince Tom apart is not just his popularity, but his clear and unwavering vision for the state.

She promised to mobilise her supporters for the AA candidate's victory.

“I have witnessed, first hand, the impact of his initiatives on our communities, and I am convinced that he (Prince Iseghohi), is the only candidate with the sincerity, contacts, capability, and determination to truly transform our state”, she said.

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