Metrodigital To Challenge Multichoice’s Monopoly

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In a bid to break Multichoice's monopoly in Nigeria's pay television market, Metrodigital Limited, the parent company of Silver Lake Television (SLTV), has announced its commitment to fostering competition and providing affordable alternatives for consumers.

During the post-SLTV launch reception and awards ceremony held in Abuja yesterday, managing director Ifeanyi Nwafor emphasised the importance of ending the monopoly to drive down prices and improve service quality.

He highlighted the positive reception from Nigerians, who now have access to alternative platforms offering comparable channels at more affordable rates.


“I'm expecting that other companies would also come in and when there's serious competition, you better work on services provided to your customers. Nigerians are very happy that the monopoly has been broken, you can get to other platforms and get some channels you get in DSTV and GOTV at a cheaper rate.


“SLTV is a platform for innovation. We want Nigeria to be a leader in this industry, and not only in Nigeria but across the globe. Just like Nigerian music making waves all over the world, we are very sure that this industry has higher potential. We need many companies to spring up and be able to succeed not only in Nigeria but also in other countries,” he said.


Nwafor expressed SLTV's ambition to drive innovation and position Nigeria as a global leader in the industry. Drawing parallels with the success of Nigerian music on the international stage.


He underscored the untapped potential of the television industry and called for the emergence of more indigenous companies to thrive not only in Nigeria but also in other countries.


Addressing concerns about subscription price hikes, Nwafor reassured subscribers of Metrodigital Limited's commitment to affordability, stating that they are mindful of Nigeria's economic challenges and have no plans for price increases in the foreseeable .


Chief operating officer of Camrol Guest Limited, Nickky Onyeri, commended Metrodigital Limited for its contributions to Nigeria's economic growth and credited the supportive environment provided by the government, particularly acknowledging the efforts of Bola Tinubu in renewing hope for the nation.


“This is coming within one year of his government, if he is not providing that environment, I'm sure this could not have been possible.


Onyeri said, “We must commend Tinubu for all the support to all Nigerians who are committed to renewing the hope of Nigeria.”


Chairman of the occasion, Abubakar Jijiwa, urged SLTV to prioritise quality control and remain competitive in the global market. He emphasised the importance of continuous innovation to stay ahead of competitors and maintain consumer satisfaction.


Former director general of Voice of Nigeria emphasised the significance of supporting indigenous businesses like SLTV to boost the country's economy and reduce reliance on foreign organisations.


“SLTV should not take quality control for granted because the competitors would continue to innovate, and once you do that, you are ahead of your competitors and therefore, SLTV should continuously innovate so that they can be ahead.”


As Metrodigital Limited gears up to challenge Multichoice's dominance, the industry anticipates increased competition, innovation, and greater choice for Nigerian consumers.



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