Mohamed Adah Honoured With Okoh K’idoma Title In Grand Ceremony

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In a spectacular display of tradition and honor, Mohamed Adah, widely recognized as Ochacho and the esteemed CEO of Ochacho Real Homes, was bestowed with the revered title of Okoh K'idoma, symbolizing “Wealth and Voice of the Idoma Kingdom.”

The prestigious ceremony, held at the historic Idoma Palace, drew distinguished guests including leaders from across Nigeria's cultural, political, and business spheres.

Adah, visibly moved by the recognition, adorned traditional regalia and received the staff of office, signifying his new role as a custodian of Idoma heritage and a leader in community development. The Ochi'Idoma title, conferred by Och'Idoma Dr. Eliagwu Odogbo Obagaji, is reserved for individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication to the advancement and prosperity of Idoma land and its people.


In his acceptance speech, Adah expressed profound gratitude and pledged to continue his efforts in enhancing education, fostering economic empowerment, and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Idoma community. The ceremony was a vibrant celebration of Idoma culture, marked by traditional music, dance, and feasting.

Congratulations poured in for Mohamed Adah from near and far, recognizing his new role and commitment to service and leadership within the Idoma Kingdom.

His visionary leadership at Ochacho Real Homes has significantly contributed to the transformation of Abuja's real estate landscape, establishing him as a prominent figure in Nigeria's real estate sector through sustainable development and premium housing initiatives

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