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Mr Nollywood Ft. DJ Kidomoney – Versus Mix

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In an unprecedented collaboration that bridges the generational gap and combines experience with innovation, veteran musician and stunt director David “Mr. Nollywood” Patrick has joined forces with the young and highly talented to unveil a musical spectacle titled “Versus Mix.” This dynamic partnership promises to deliver not just new tunes but an auditory journey that blends the rich legacy of Mr. Nollywood's musical prowess with the cutting-edge beats curated by .

The moniker “Versus Mix” encapsulates the essence of this collaboration—an epic clash and fusion of styles, experiences, and talents. Mr. Nollywood, a seasoned figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene, brings his decades of musical expertise and theatrical flair, while , the rising star of the contemporary music scene, injects fresh energy and modern beats into the mix.

The collaboration between these two musical powerhouses signals a departure from the conventional, as the “Versus Mix” aims to transcend the boundaries of time and genre. Mr. Nollywood's classics, known for their timeless appeal, will be reimagined and seamlessly integrated with 's cutting-edge remixes and genre-blending techniques. The result is a musical journey that promises to captivate listeners across generations.


As the anticipation for the “Versus Mix” builds, fans can expect a carefully curated selection of tracks that traverse the spectrum of musical genres. From nostalgic hits that defined Mr. Nollywood's era to the latest chart-toppers given a fresh and contemporary twist by , the mix promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and a celebration of the evolution of Nigerian music.

This collaboration not only highlights the synergy between the old guard and the new wave in the but also emphasizes the importance of unity and mutual respect across generations. The “Versus Mix” is poised to be a sonic , a musical showdown that transcends competition and instead celebrates the diversity and richness of Nigerian music.

As the “Versus Mix” prepares to make its mark on 2023's musical landscape, fans are eagerly awaiting the moment when these two musical forces collide, promising a fusion of sounds that will undoubtedly shape the narrative of the Nigerian music scene for years to come. Get ready for a musical journey that transcends time, as Mr. Nollywood and unite to unleash the biggest tunes of the year.

So if you listen to music, there's a strong chance you just know about the newest, most exciting singles.

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Tracklist of Ft. – Versus Mix

Intro: God Over Everything Vs
1. Waistline –
2. Eje Jesu –
3. Whine me –
4. Positive vibe –
5. Awon Akokalashika – Bolisco Ft. G.0.E & Many Monie
6. Obirin Ahh 2.0 (Remix) – Ft. DJ Khalipha
7. 2 Minutes man –
8. Otilo-
9. Ready to dance – DJ Lisali Ft. DJ YK
10.Gbemidebe - Ft.
11.Spiritual Riddim –
12.X1- Slimcase Ft. Lord Sky
13.4 beats freestyle – DJ YK & Evakid btc
14.Happiano –
15.ljoba – Slimcase
16.0baraka X Ogba family – G.0.E
17.Alanta – G.0.E
18.Fanda beat – Areafather Ft. DJ YK
19.lbinu – Areafather Ft. DJ YK
20.Have you pupu –
21.77 mopol – DaPrinze
22.Spiritual mara dance – DJ Khalipha
23.Lagos beat – Omo Ebira Ft. DJ Ozytee
24.Yansh -
25.Emotional mara –
26.Happiest year mara – Omo Ebira
27.Mara pass mara beat – DJ Khalipha
28.Meri mara beat- DJ Classic
29.Elena mara beat – Professional Beat
30.Lonely ogba beat – Professional Beat
31.ljo chicken -
32.Aye mi bola dance –
33.Shefepamini fine fish pie –
34.Yarabemo –
35.Young duu cruise –
36.Tap tap tap-
37.Sability (street flute version) – DJ YK
38.Ogba beat 4.0- DJ Khalipha
39.Am a baboo –
40.Chachun –
41.Akuchuku -
42.What happened to virgin –
43.0yigiyigi oluorun – BoboSkii
44.Eleventy 123 –
45.0muu cruise – DJ YK
46.Happy dance –
47.Boboyi joor T dollar- Azzi on the beat
48.Alujo mara beat- DJ Glitter
49.Stamina Dance –
50.Soja beat –
Outro: – Nature Song

Listen below:-


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