Nigeria’s Think-Tank Hails Faye’s Election, Urges Fair Leadership

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A political think-tank, #FixPolitics Africa, has applauded the election of President Bassirou Faye of Senegal, describing it as the triumph of the democratic spirit and collective will of the Senegalese.

Founder, #FixPolitics Africa and former Nigeria's Minister of Education, Dr Obiageli ‘Oby' Ezekwesili, said Faye's election reaffirmed the faith of the Senegalese in the principles of democracy, transparency and accountability.

She stated, “Your victory serves as an inspiration, not only to the people of Senegal but to citizens across the continent, who aspire to live in societies governed by justice, equality and freedom.”


According to the economic policy expert, Faye's election at this critical juncture, when there has been some measure of democratic deceleration in West Africa, comes as a beacon of hope for Senegal and all of West Africa.

Ezekwesili, who was also Nigeria's former Minister of Solid Minerals, praised the resilience of Senegal's democracy and its capacity to overcome challenges. She also lauded the unwavering commitment of the Senegalese to a peaceful and democratic resolution.

“Throughout the political crisis and the extended period of citizen engagement, the people of Senegal demonstrated their steadfast belief in the democratic process and their determination to shape the of their nation through active participation. We commend the unwavering commitment of the Senegalese to a peaceful and democratic resolution through free, fair and violence-free electoral process,” she noted.

To 44-year-old President Faye, she said, “As President, your vision, leadership and commitment to upholding democratic norms and priorising the needs of citizens will not only play a pivotal role in steering the country towards peace, prosperity and stability but will equally send a powerful signal to the world that democracy has come to stay in Africa.”


Ezekwesili disclosed that #FixPolitics Africa is committed to promoting democracy, values-based leadership, good governance, as well as sustainable human and economic development across Africa.

The initiative, she noted, stands ready to support the vision of Faye's administration to promote good governance, foster socio-economic development and advance the well-being of all Senegalese.

“We believe that through collaboration and partnership, we can find innovative solutions to help your government build a brighter for Senegal and its people. We are confident that under your leadership, Senegal will regain its footing as a champion of democracy, human rights and good governance in Africa. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your developmental policies and initiatives on the lives of the Senegalese,” she added.

The advocate for transparency, accountability, good governance and human capital development wished for a successful and unifying presidency and for Faye's tenure to “be marked by a just and inclusive progress, stability and the continued flourishing of Senegal's vibrant democracy.”

LEADERSHIP reports that #FixPolitics Africa is a research-based citizens-led initiative conceived to counter the intractable problems of poor governance by acknowledging the centrality of politics in building effective states and shaping development outcomes in Africa.

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