Omowunmi Wale-Okusi’s LEADERSHIP Key To High Impact Teams

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In the book, LEADERSHIP Key To High Impact Teams, author Omowunmi Wale-Okusi described leadership as ‘a person's capacity to obtain the commitment of the people they are leading to the objectives of the place, organization or group”.

This point is crucial in the current times, when Africa is experiencing leadership crises, as about five countries (Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Sudan) have succumbed to military rule, owing largely to civilian governments lack of transformational leadership skills, that changes people from inside outside.
She further draws examples from the Holy Bible in demonstrating leadership styles and traits, most impressive being that like a shepherd shepherding his flock, a leader should lead his people from behind.

Hence in chapters 1 to 4 and 5 to 6, she dwelt on the meaning, the importance of leadership skills, types of leadership, qualities of a leader and the consequences of leadership failure. In chapters 7 to 9, she discusses seven leadership styles and their success factors; whilst referencing the life and call of biblical leaders as Joshua, Deborah and Gideon to illustrate how to answer the call to leadership and to serve faithfully, be you a man or woman, as seen in the case of the first and only female Judge of Israel, Deborah, who helped the Israelites win a war, and have 40 years of peace in the land whilst she was a Judge.


Written in language and free-flowing prose, the 12 chapter and 142 paged book is a quick that gives one a snapshot of the essence of leadership. The design, font size and spacing invites readers into the work.
Although, certain avoidable typographical errors are noted, such as in Chapter 6 title where ‘Effectiveness' was spelt as ‘Ffectiveness' and world-renowned as world renown in the second paragraph and the last sentence on page 4, which wrings doubt if the publication was the work of a publishing house.
LEADERSHIP Key To High Impact Teams is published by Q F Associates.

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