Onu’s Legacies Will Continue To Inspire Generations – Shettima

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Vice President Kashim Shettima has hailed the legacy of the former governor of Abia State and minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, who passed away on Thursday.
In a condolence message, VP Shettima described Dr Onu as a “true statesman and accomplished Nigerian leader” whose impact on the nation's political and technological landscape is “immeasurable.”

“As we join you in mourning the loss of this great Nigerian, be rest assured that his legacies will continue to inspire generations of leaders to come,” Shettima wrote.

Shettima noted that during his time as Abia's first civilian governor, Dr Onu “laid a strong foundation for good governance and democratic principles – a legacy that would outlive him.”


As minister of Science and Technology, Onu's “dedication to nation-building was evident in his focus on fostering scientific advancements and technological innovation, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” the VP added.

Beyond his illustrious career, Shettima remembered Onu as “a man of integrity, wisdom and unwavering principles” – a true patriot who spent his life working for Nigeria's progress.

“His contributions to Nigeria's development will be forever remembered by the nation,” Shettima affirmed, pledging that Onu's inspirational life and work will continue to guide generations of Nigerian leaders.

The VP extended his “deepest sympathies” to Onu's family, expressing confidence that the departed statesman's legacy would endure as a source of comfort and strength during this difficult time.

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