PDP Youth Coalition Accuses Dissenting Members Of Sabotage

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The National Coordinator of PDP Youths Coalition Movement, Hon. Biniya Yahuza Gabari, has lashed out at 60 members of the National Assembly and dissenting groups who are opposed to Ambassador Umar Iliyasu Damagun's leadership as the acting National Chairman of the PDP.

Gabari contends that these dissenters were only acting as “watchdogs” to sabotage the party's development.

He emphasised the PDP's tradition of obedient leadership and insinuated that those challenging Ambassador Damagun have hidden agendas aimed at dismantling the party.


He said, “It is not proper to the members who won the election under the PDP to be use in sabotaging the party Leadership now,becouse present acting National chairman Damagun is not the chairman of the party during 2023 presidential election,but at that time PDP won the presidential election in his state Yobe,While those who are against him now did not bring their states.”

He highlighted the significant support the party has garnered under Damagun's leadership and denounced any false accusations or intimidation intended to halt his efforts in uniting and developing the party.

Addressing the dissenters' claims, Gabari pointed out that Ambassador Damagun was not the party chairman during the 2023 presidential election, yet the PDP emerged victorious in his native Yobe State.

In contrast, he noted instances such as in Jigawa and Kano States, where despite substantial financial support, the party failed to secure victory under the leadership of those now opposing Damagun.

Gabari urged former presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar to distance himself from individuals providing erroneous information, attributing them to the party's failure in the 2023 election.

He stressed the youth coalition's unwavering support for Ambassador Damagun, condemning any attempt to undermine his leadership under the guise of party affiliation.

He called on well-meaning PDP members nationwide to rally behind Ambassador Umar Damagun, affirming their commitment to steering the party towards success under his leadership.

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