Petroleum Marketers’ Association Pledges To Combat Oil & Gas Sector Irregularities

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The Association of Nigerian Refinery Petroleum Marketers has pledged to work assiduously with the federal government to combat irregularities in Nigeria's oil and gas sector.

The association's National Task Force Coordinator 1, Comrade Ikechukwu Chukwu said this at the induction of Commissioners/Coordinators of petroleum task force for 36 States and the FCT.

Decrying the level of decay in Nigeria's oil and gas sector, Chukwu said that their role would boost efforts to eliminate irregularities in the petroleum industry and reposition the association to offer stronger support to Nigeria's petroleum sector.


According to him, eliminating irregularities in the oil and gas sector would go a long way in salvaging the country's economy.

“We are in great need to support the present administration of president Bola Tinubu by affirming to our aims and objectives in the area of eliminating all illegalities in the oil and gas sector of the economy.

“We believe that such a move will enhance the national economic growth and assure the Nigerian citizens of lofty and better lives,'' Chukwu said.

Similarly, the secretary of the association, Engr. Innocent Ogu highlighted the importance of eliminating corrupt practices bedevilling Nigeria's oil and gas sector.

According to Ogu, we are out to face the challenges of corruption in the oil and gas sector. We are determined to win the fight.

“Our mandate includes eliminating bunkering in the oil and gas sector and removing dubious middlemen.

He expressed concern that several people engage in one or two transactions creating middle participation and at the end of the day cause an increase in the price of petroleum products for Nigerians.

“It is our work to remove all those sharp practices

“Sharp business practices, selling of tickets, allocations, products tallying instead of the real people that will utilise the product.

“People will dress up every day, they go to the refineries, they are not gas plant owners, they are not managers but they transact and causing unnecessary scarcity and difficulties to the real people.

“They cause artificial scarcity and adulteration of petroleum products.

“We are using today to initiate a strong team that will work in the 36 states of the country and the FCT for this important mission.

He promised that the state coordinators would be provided with the needed tools and information to succeed in the task.

“We are going to avail you all the tools, contacts and useful information to enable you to achieve the goals.

“Our focus is to create a framework that is formidable, accountable, reliable and trustworthy to the Nigerian people.

Media reports that the association's objectives include ensuring availability, easy access and even supply of unadulterated kerosene, cooking gas and fuel to members and non-members at reasonable and affordable prices.

The association also aims at eliminating bunkering, exploitation, hoarding, dubious middlemen, sharp business practices, artificial scarcity and adulteration of fuel products in the chain of distribution, while offering effective services

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