Since we first launched, has aided many musicians, both those who are and aren’t signed to record labels.

We have had the opportunity to help a number of outstanding musicians over the years with either finding labels or starting their own independent labels. We aspire to be a journalism and media organization that has received recognition and is committed to showcasing the best bands and artists in the world.

You must approach your work as a business owner would and comprehend the significance of branding and marketing if you want to be successful as a music entrepreneur rather than just a hobbyist. You won’t be able to accomplish your objectives till then.

If you utilize our service, your press release will be posted on our website. We have a website that ranks highly on search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Search Encrypt, Gibiru, and OneSearch, and we have a mailing list of more than thousands of people.

We promise to post your music on our Instagram feed if you email it to us.

On our social media pages, where we have a combined following of thousands of individuals across all social media platforms, we will additionally advertise your song. Also, thousands of our subscribers have chosen to get push notifications from us in the form of alerts. The users in question are prepared to get these upgrades.

The task is accomplished in one to two entire business days.

Kindly fill out the form and pay the $20 here after that.

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