Tunde Ednut, Not D’Prince Discovered Me – Says Ruger

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Nigerian singer, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, popularly known as has set the record straight regarding the discovery of his talent, attributing it to blogger Tunde Ednut, countering earlier believe that his talent was discovered by his former boss, D'Prince.

, made this revelation on his Instagram story shortly after parting ways with Jonzing World and launching his independent music label, Blown Boy Entertainment.


The 24-year-old artist expressed his gratitude to Tunde Ednut, for initially discovering him and subsequently introducing him to D'Prince, who then signed him to Jonzing World.

In his Instagram story, wrote;

“Just because I'm free to talk now, I want to specially thank @mazitundeednut for being the initial person that discovered me before handing me over to the Prince. God bless you, king maker.”

's departure from Jonzing World was marked by a freestyle release titled ‘Blownboy,' where he declared his independence from a certain ‘godfather' in the .

In the trending video, expressed that the year ahead would be dedicated to himself, renouncing loyalty to the undisclosed godfather.

While expressing gratitude towards Jonzing World and D'Prince in his freestyle, emphasized the need to take a bet on himself at this juncture in his career.

“I denounce every loyalty to some godfather, this year I'm about me,” sang.

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