Water Spirits, Source Of Some Pastors’ Powers, Critic Subai Alleges

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Renowned spiritual critic and teacher, Guru Deseye Subai, has once again made shocking assertions about some pastors in Nigeria, claiming ‘water spirits' were behind their source of powers.

In one of his current teachings, he alleged that some pastors get their powers from water spirits. This postulation might not be far from the viral report on the late T.B. Joshua, published by BBC.

According to Subai, many miracle-focused pastors perform rituals to have access to water spirits and beg them for powers, and when the water spirits grant the pastors the powers, they use the powers to perform different signs, healings and wonders.


He explained that this is one of the reasons why some pastors only focus on healing and miracles in their churches.

Guru Deseye further alleged that for these pastors to keep their powers, they have to carry out certain activities like continuously engaging in intimate activities with the water spirits, as well as performing some ritual activities.

Deseye further expounded on the claims by alleging that pastors experience involuntary encounters with water spirits in dreams, accompanied by other afflictions.

Guru Deseye Subai is one who is known for his frequent criticism of pastors in Nigeria. Guru's present assertions against some pastors have elicited a spectrum of mixed reactions, with some of his followers and viewers expressing agreement and others finding the assertions downright atrocious.

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