Why I Want to Replace Gbajabiamila in House of Reps, by Adebanjo

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The Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming bye-election for Surulere Federal Constitu- ency 1, Engr Adeola Adebanjo has said that he is the best person to take over the seat of the immediate paste Speaker of the House of Repre- sentatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila to represent his people in Surulere. Adebanjo said his passion for the people of his constituency and his resolve to frontally tackle three critical issues confronting his constituents, if elected in the February 3 election, stands him out as the candidate of the people in the poll. The Labour Party candidate, who spoke to journalists in Surulere, said the issues of unemployment, poor healthcare and education, which will form a major focus of his mandate once he emerges through the ballot, are key areas begging for attention in the constituency.

Adebanjo boasted that he has the capacity to win the election and change the fortune of the constituents for the better. Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would be conducting a bye- election in the constituency on February 3, following the appointment of the former representative, Gbajabiamila as Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu. Adebanjo said that his closeness to the grassroots will help him in winning the election, adding that the interest of the constituents will be the centre point of his representation. The United Kingdom trained engineer stated that the division in the party will not deter his victory, saying that talks are ongoing with other groups ahead of the bye-election.

He said that he would be bringing on board, new knowledge and ideas that will impact the constituency, saying that he remains the face of new generation in Surulere. The candidate noted that criminality will be reduced to its barest minimum in his constituency once unemployment is dealt with, while a well thought out health insurance scheme tailored towards affordability will reduce mortality rate, as adequate healthcare will be available for all to access. His words: “I have three major critical points that I am looking at, like in the western world, I think Nigeria should do more than saying I want to come and fix road and electricity in this era, apart from job creation. “I believe the health sector matters too and feel we can have health insurance scheme for average citizens of this constituency, even if it is an insurance scheme of 2000 naira that can have a total treatment of 500,000 patients in a year.


“It will be given to every household, we can do that because, it is not the same time everybody will be sick, due to that space they will now be able to go to the hospital for healthcare. “That is why I decided that I am picking three points, these are; education, healthcare and job creation. Health is germane because health is wealth, we will provide a health insurance scheme for every of our people at the expense of the office.” He also added that youths all round development is a cardinal point of operation for him given the peculiarities of Surulere and environs. “Surulere is already a developed area, we don't need to lie about that, it is a developed mini city, we have good light, we have roads, one of the basic things I think we need in Surulere.

“If you check the numbers and percentage of unemployment rate within our youths, it is extremely high and that has made a lot of youths to get involved in so many irregular things they should not be involved in. One of my own views about job creation has to do with youths' empowerment. “This is one of the basic things I am targeting, if I become a House of Reps member is to ensure that our youths are gainfully employed. If in a particular home we ensure one or two youths are gainfully employed then, violence will be reduced in those particular areas and there are different ways they can be gainfully employed. “It is not only by the Federal Government job or that by the state, even nowadays you can remain in the corners of your house and earn your money through tech that is taking over the world.

“We can bring about a techhub where they will be trained and availed the needed materials, with that once they are gainfully employed, they themselves can train new generation of youths as well in that particular field and become excellent in their field. I think when we reduce the rate of unemployment amongst our youths, we have found a solution to eradicate poverty,” Adebanjo said. The Labour Party candidate also cited sports and content creation as a veritable tool to further help turn around the fortune of youths of Surulere. “Today the most successful people are those in the sports sector and we are so blessed in Surulere that we have two to three stadiums within that area and we have disabled people practicing there every night.

“We can create sport festival for the youths with which we can discover talents spot-on, in football tournament and many more, we can use that sports which is our emblem in Surulere as a major store for talent discovery. “Content creation is also in vogue now, the ideology shared in seminars and workshops made available to these youths will go a long way in bringing out the very best in them as well,” he said.

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