Wikipedia Unveils Audiovisual Materials To Awaken Yoruba Culture

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The Wikimedian Foundation, through its affiliate, the Yoruba Wikimedians User Group, has unveiled the Yoruba Oral Traditional Audiovisual Documentation, to awaken Yoruba culture.

Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos on yesterday, the President, Yoruba Wikimedians User Group, Mr Mikaeel Sodiq, said the initiative was geared towards preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba people.

Sodiq said the project was to bridge the knowledge gap between real Yoruba oral tradition that was almost going into extinction and the generation next to come.


He said the Group was committed to cultural preservation, which was embodied in the comprehensive audiovisual documentation, which captured the essence of Yoruba oral traditions, particularly in the realm of religious practices.

”Through meticulous research, collaboration with community leaders, Yoruba traditional religion leaders, and the use of cutting-edge technology, we aim to provide a vivid and authentic portrayal of Yoruba religious ceremonies, rituals, and narratives.

”This project goes beyond documentation; it is a testament to our dedication to fostering intergenerational knowledge transfer.

”By creating a repository of these invaluable traditions in a format accessible to all, we ensure that generations can connect with their roots, fostering a deep sense of identity and pride.

”Our team has worked assiduously to ensure that this audiovisual documentation is not only a faithful representation, but also a respectful and ethical portrayal of the Yoruba religious practices,” he said.

He called on scholars, educators, and enthusiasts to explore and engage with the Yoruba oral tradition project.

According to him, through partnerships and collaborations, the Group hopes to expand the reach of the documentation, making it a valuable resource for academic study, cultural exchange, and global understanding.

”The Yoruba Oral Tradition Audiovisual Documentation Project is a celebration of diversity, heritage, and the resilience of cultural identity,” he said.


Also speaking, veteran and documentary expert, Mr Tunde Oladimeji, said a lot of people were struggling for their culture identity, as it was gradually going into extinction.


Oladimeji, who is the Project Director, said culture identity would enable people to stabilise where they are and determine where they were going in the .


”Yoruba language is tonal language, it is like singing, the language is melodic. It is tonal. This project touches on every aspect of Yoruba culture; the language; the practices; the rituals; the people; the dressing; so it encompasses the complete way of life of the Yoruba people,” he said.


Also, veteran actor and filmmaker, Raphael Niyi, said with the project, the Yoruba people were back to the consciousness that language is their identity.


Niyi called on the government at all levels to enact policies that would promote the individual culture of the different ethnics of the country.


He said that in producing the Yoruba Oral Traditional Audiovisual Documentation project, the team travelled to the various areas of the Yoruba regions, hence, the project was all encompassing. (NAN)

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